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Why choose us?

6 reasons to choose Living Digitally for your eCommerce solution...

  1. Save money

    Not only are our solutions extremely competitively priced, but with excellent SEO characteristics and supporting tools along with integrated automatic EPoS integration, there is no need to invest in third party consultants or tools.

  2. Increase your sales

    Our solutions work on all platforms as standard, thereby enabling you to ensure that consumers using mobile platforms have just as good an experience (if not better) as they would using a traditional computer.  Furthermore, excellent platform SEO characteristics, built-in tools SEO tools and Google analytics data, will ensure that your beautifully designed store will rank higher than your competitors on organic searches.

  3. Gain a business partner

    We do not believe in delivering a solution and then leaving you on your own.  Our ethos is to partner with our clients, thereby ensuring they always have someone to discuss their issues or changing requirements with.

  1. Save time

    The intuitive to use platform along with additional time-saving tools will mean that you spend less time making the technology work for you, and more time on other activities whist the technology works for you !

  2. Future proof yourself

    The platform takes advantage of open source technologies which means it is constantly evolving by many thousands of developers around the globe, unlike other proprietary systems that are developed in-house by a handful of engineers.  Furthermore, the ability to relatively effortlessly provide a new look & feel means that you can remain contemporary as the fashions change.

  3. End to end solution

    We provide you with the complete solution, thereby simplifying everything.  From domain registration and hosting through requirements capture to website design, setup and finally launch – we will help you every step of the way – using jargon free plain speaking English !