About Us

Living Digitally LLP was founded in 2014 by David Turnbull who identified a need to provide high quality, value for money, end-to-end eCommerce solutions for the independent retailer.  He recognised that far too many retailers were struggling with inflexible, dated legacy systems which resulted in their online sales falling as they were unable to quickly and easily refresh their website with new content and products.  Furthermore, it became apparent that the technical knowledge in many of these retailers was quite limited and that their existing solution provider had left them with limited support and no documentation - further compounding the problem.  Finally, he observed that there are excellent solutions in the market place, but they were often financially out of reach for the smaller independent retailer who was either putting their toe into the online retail business for the first time, or was having a second (or even third) attempt at getting it right.

The approach that David is taking with Living Digitally is to:

  • Provide eCommerce solutions that enable the retailer to (re)enter the online market place with a platform that is not only incredibly simple to use, but has features normally only available on more expensive solutions and can scale as their business requirements grow.  

  • Provide a personal, no technical jargon, attention to detail end-to-end service.

  • Provide on-going support and consultancy to ensure a maximum return on investment.

The technology

Our solutions leverage the open source platform Wordpress running the Woocommerce toolkit coupled with our proprietary software that  extends the platforms capabilities and synchronises your online store seamlessly with your existing EPoS system.

Wordpress is a platform that is used extensively around the world, starting life as a blogging platform, its well structured and flexible design has seen it grow into a platform that now does so much more than just blogging - the Woocommerce toolkit being just one example,  There are in excess of 60 million installations of Wordpress (and 2 million Woocommerce) - both are being constantly updated to present better functionality and security.  

A key part of the Wordpress platform are the themes.  These provide the look & feel of your website, and more recently, come with ever more comprehensive visual content editors to make your content creation even easier.   The theme is separate to the core functionality of the website and online store and therefore relatively easy to replace.  Since new themes are being developed all the time and taking advantages of the latest browser technology, it means that you can future proof your wbesite and ensure that you remain 'on trend' with the latest website fashion.

At Living Digitally, we will build you a complete eCommerce solution by customising a theme of your choice, with the website and shopping functionality you require, using your imagery, graphics and content and install our  synchronisation software to ensure it all works seamlessly with your EPoS system.  We will then work along side you to ensure you always have the help and support at hand.