Text Message Marketing

Text Message (SMS) Marketing enables businesses to easily, instantly and affordably connect with their customers.

Compared with 'traditional' marketing techniques such as e-mail newsletters, Test Message Marketing is proving to be significantly more successful.  

This is essentially due to the fact that almost every text message is opened (and read) almost instantly, whereas only a fraction of emails sent are read (or even seen!).

It can be used for anything you with to communicate, such as the start of a sale, or a special discount promotion that you are running.

Its short, sharp, fast and most of all - effective !

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Easily send text messages, mail merge, schedule & attach information.

Sender Names
Specify a word or a phrase you want the message to appear to come from, such as "The Retailer"

Mail Merge
Automatically include custom information in your messages.  If you have the contents first name, simply enter #FirstName# into your messages and it will be automatically replaced.

Long Messages
Unlike many other text message providers, we support the use of long text messages.  This allows texts up to 612 characters in length instead of the standard 160 characters.

Often send the same of very similar message?  Why not save a text message you've perfected for later as a template.

Get replies to your text messages or receive messages straight from your customers.

Inbox & Shortcodes
Messages are received into an inbox via text message using either a short text number - also known as a short code, e.g. 60777 or via a dedicated long telephone number such as 07748889999.  Anyone who responds to your Short Code number is classed as an opt-in and their number will be available in your inbox, ready to transfer to your contact list.

Auto Responders
Auto responders enables your customers to send a keyword (e.g. PRICELIST) to a short or long mobile number and they automatically receive the document.

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